What will I call my blog?

This is my self-effort. This is me taking the stand to speak my mind and to grow in the only way I know, that is, through talking! Really, ideas come to me while I run my mouth (or fingers). I can start talking about things that I think I know about and then suddenly I realize I’ve got things completely backward.

So this blog is my path to understanding, my path to adventure. It is the opposite of self-satisfaction. It’s a way for me to go places, to do things not just for myself, but knowing that I can make something more out of them and share it with the world. It’s part confessional, part philosophy, part musings, part classified ad. It’s got so many parts, how can I sum it up under just one name?

I want to call it a path. The words are my lantern and my fear is the night, so as I write I’m dispelling all the darkness that once filled my conception of my self in the world. I can do better. I can push farther.

I want to call it “The Spinner’s Wheel” because I feel like Minerva threading together ideas, experiences and inspiration to make a tapestry. From a bundle of threads, she weaves a picture of beauty, just as I weave my own path through tying together my thoughts. As my fingers tap away on the keys, I use my hands, the same tools that the seamstress or artist uses to create. And what I make, I want to behold it like a piece of art. Critique it, adore it, chip away at it, see it as inspiration—whatever “it” is, it will come from ten fingers working in harmony.

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